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Get The Exact Playbook We Used To Go From Zero to Over $650k In Just 10 Operating Months!

What is OWNR OPS?

Everything you need to turn your LOCAL SERVICE BUSINESS dream into a profitable reality


Get instant access to a vault of premium online trainings available on your phone, tablet and desktop.


In-depth breakdown of exact local SEO & paid traffic strategies used to grow various local service businesses.


Let’s be honest, there are tons of Skool groups... but this one is specific to growing a local service business


Clone our backend Zapier automations to increase sales conversions, automate invoicing, customer follow up, and collecting 5 star reviews.


Get a vulnerable and real look into our business each month - income reports, growth breakdown and much more!


10% of all membership funds go towards fueling the next generation of entrepreneurs


We believe every entrepreneur should thrive in these 4 areas - Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and Relationally. We’re bringing you trainings to support.

podcast invite

We host members on The Owner Operator Podcast on Apple, Spotify, & YouTube. If you're running a business and have useful advice to share, we'll host you as a guest!


There’s really only so much we can put on a sales page… come inside to see it all!

Learn How To Grow Your Service Business From Real Owner Operators

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Our (not typical) Core Values

Everything you need to turn your service business dream into a profitable reality

work hard

answer your phone

do what's right

get in the trenches

5 star service

be scrappy

Some of The Valuable Training Modules At Your Fingertips

Skeptical? We Get It...

There's plenty of online gurus trying to sell you fluff online these days

In August of 2022, I started Bear Claw Land Services

Based on these 2 principles:

1. Most Millennials are trying to start a tech or e-commerce business

2. Most local service business (think tree service, excavation, pool / hot tub service, property management co's) are owned by Baby Boomers who don't have an online presence

I placed a bet that I could start and grow a local service business with some basic blocking & tackling online...

And it worked!

In our first 10 operating months, we generated $650,000 revenue

We're in our 2nd full summer season at BCLS and we're on track to hit 7 figures this year

We have a team of A Team players who are great at what they do

Our marketing system is generating online leads every day

We're booking $10k - $75k jobs regularly with our sales process

We even landed a federal project from our marketing & sales efforts

But I'm not telling you this to brag...

I'm simply telling you this because I believe ANYONE can copy what we're doing in ANY local service and get the same results

You see...

It doesn't matter what service you offer to your customers

Growing a tree service or power washing business is no different than growing an excavation or plumbing business

(ok, sure, delivering the actual services are different)

BUT, building the BUSINESS is the same

In order to build a GREAT business

You need to do the following 5 things:

1. Market your business

2. Sell your services

3. Deliver 5 Star Service

4. Set up repeatable systems

5. Recruit great team members

No matter the busienss...

If you do these 5 things well

You can create a thriving business

And we're here to help!

While building Bear Claw from scratch

I've documented processes for all the above 5 things

If you decide to join OWNR OPS and follow our process

You'll learn how to:

1. Copy our online marketing techniques to get hot leads (customers who are ready to pay your today)

2. Implement our (non-salesy) Sales Process to win more jobs

3. Set the standards for delivering 5 Star Service in the field (& collect 5 Star Google Reviews on autopilot)

4. Clone our exact systems to automate boring repeatable tasks with software tools like Zapier, Jobber, Build12, and Slack

5. Learn how to recruit A Team Players to help you run the different parts of your business

Still skeptical?

I get it

You can go at it on your own

Spend hundreds of hours of your time

And tens of thousands of dollars trying to recreate your own system

OR you could go spend $50,000 on a franchise

OR you could just join OWNR OPS for $1 today and test it out for the next 5 days

Still don't know if you should join?

I'll make you a CRAZY guarantee

If you sign up and commit to 6 months following our process

I'll guarantee you will generate at least $100,000 in revenue

If you show up, take action, and don't hit $100k

I'll refund your membership fees in full

No questions asked

I've spent hundreds of hours developing these frameworks

And I should easily be charing $10,000 for access to this kinda stuff

(I will be increasing price in the future)

But, I get satisfaction out of seeing other people succeed

So, for a limited time only...

we're offering access to OWNR OPS for a small $49/ monthly membership

You can even take a 5 day trial run of the whole thing for $1

Think about this for a second...

We're giving you the option to pay $1 right now

In return, we're going to give you the EXACT Playbook we used to grow our business from 0-$650,000

Picture this...

Let's say you start your business today

You follow the OWNR OPS framework

And in 12 months, you've generated over $500,000 in revenue

Would you consider the $1 investment worth it?

If you really want to build a business...

And you can't invest $1 in saving yourself hundreds of hours

How will you react when it's time to invest $75-$100,000 in a rockstar sales person?

If you're ACTUALLY SERIOUS about building a business

It's time to get comfortable with reinvesting in your business

Consider the $1 payment below your first investment into your business

Ready to get started?

Let's rock n' roll!


We want our members to feel well-informed, safe, and cared for during their enrollment.

Is my membership a one-time fee or billed monthly?

After your 5-day trial, OWNR OPS is billed monthly at $49 / mo. Your credit card will immediately be charged $49 on the same day each month. You can keep your membership as long as you’d like and cancel anytime!

Is there a long-term commitment?

No. You can cancel your membership any time… no hard feelings 🙂

Does anyone actually read the FAQ section?

To be honest, I don’t really know… but we put it down here because that’s what you’re supposed to do…

What happens after I purchase my 5-day trial membership?

You will receive instant access to the OWNR OPS Skool Group and OO Video Vault – enjoy your full membership!

Are my billing & credit card information secure?

Absolutely. OWNR OPS is built on a fully encrypted platform using Stripe – complete with SSL certificates.