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Biggest Business Opportunity For Millenials & Gen Z

Bobcat E50 & Bandit tracked whole tree chipper used for land clearing.

In this day and age

Everyone wants to start a business

Some people thrive starting multiple businesses

While others simply talk about it all day long…

What Does It Take To Start a Business In 2024?

Most people want to sit behind the computer

Play “armchair QB”

Tell everyone what to do

Work “on” the business

Not “in” it

That’s what all the gurus and business books tell you, right?

You Want To Start A Business In 2024?

What if you scrapped all the conventional startup culture business knowledge?

Got out from behind the computer

Figured out a service your community needs

And went and offered a service to you local community

The Multi Billion Dollar Wealth Transfer

There are billions of dollars transferring hands in America right now

Baby boomers with successful businesses are at retirement age

Ready to sell or shut down their local service business

Local businesses that print $$$$$

Opening up opportunities for Millennial & Gen Z to fill the gaps

What Can We Learn From The Baby Boomers?

The baby boomers knew how to work

They were scrappy

They were “doers”

Rather than “talkers”

They knew how to make things happen

They didn’t point fingers

They didn’t blame other people

They were willing to show up and fill in where their business needed them

The Best Business Opportunity For Millennials & Gen Z

There’s a massive opportunity right now

For those of you who are willing to get from behind a computer

Those of you who are willing to wake up early, show up every day, and do the work

Those of you who are willing to humble yourselves

Those of you who will pick up a hammer (or pressure washer, window squeegee, chainsaw, hop in an excavator, etc.)

Serve your local community

Commit to 5 star service

Implement tech along the way

Build a team of rockstars

And fill in wherever the business needs you

These Guys Are Taking Advantage Of The Opportunity, Will You? 👇